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We bring you the future of horticultural sciences and engineering with our quality LED Grow Lights.

Welcome to The Element Of The Sun, home of the Horus™, our best LED grow light of 2022!

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We bring you the future of horticultural sciences and engineering with our quality low-heat, low-energy LED Grow Lights designed to maximize the growth of your indoor plants.

We offer only the best LED grow light solutions at affordable prices and we stand behind our products!

Our quality LED grow lights are an essential part of growing successful gardens indoors.

Our products are ETL, CE, ROHS and FCC certified.

Our grow lights are dust and water resistant giving you convenience and functionality in a single product.

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ, give us a call or shoot us an email.

What makes the Horus® one of the best LED grow light systems available?

The simple answer: The Horus® is constructed with some of the best, quality parts and materials money can buy, from the dust & water resistant shielding, low energy cooling system and high quality chips and wiring to the very best LEDs money can buy.

At Element Of The Sun we only use Osram Light Emitting Diodes in the construction of the Horus®.

If you are involved in the grow industry, you’ve probably already heard of Osram. They’ve been the professional’s choice when it comes to LED technology.

Osram LEDs are well known for their long-lasting quality, durability, power, light output, and ROI.

The Element Of The Sun is the only place where you can get the Horus®, our top-quality, lighting solution for professional growers all over the world. On top of that, we are also knowledgeable about all aspects of growing, and we are available to share that knowledge with our customers, at no added expense. It’s just one of the perks of using our high quality grow light solution.

Our opinion, shared by countless other professionals, is that Osram LEDs are the highest quality Light Emitting Diodes on the market.

We’ll be the first to admit it, there are cheaper grow lights on the market. How long will they last? Will they burn your plants or provide enough light? Will they provide the correct color spectrum of light your plants need? Will they need to be replaced or repaired often? Will they use much more energy, constantly draining from your profits? Are they guaranteed and warranted? Will you need to spend more in the end on cooling products, high energy bills, replacing parts and bulbs, etc.? Who knows. Your guess is as good as any. Do you want to risk your valuable crop on cheap, untested technology with sketchy warranties, low-quality products, and no after-sale guidance?

With the Horus® energy saving technology, you can save money, time, frustration, and plant loss.

You could purchase a cheaper, lower quality product than the Horus®, but why would you?

  • The Horus® is ETL, CE, ROHS and FCC certified.
  • The Horus® is dust and water resistant giving you convenience and functionality in a single product.
  • The Horus® is chainable, meaning you can plug one, into another allowing you to expand your lighting.
  • The Horus® offers digital spectrum control, allowing you to adjust the color spectrum your plants need.
  • The Horus® has cooling technology built right into each unit saving you time, space and energy.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or make a purchase and see for yourself what makes The Horus® one of the highest quality LED grow lights on the market.